2022 Pittman Innovation Awards

As many readers may have noticed, last year SAIL’s annual Pittman Awards were one of the many things that had to be cancelled as a result of Covid-19. Due to the complete lack of boat shows, trying to gauge the state of the industry with so little opportunity to see what it was up to simply didn’t make sense. Fortunately, even as the world continues to battle the pandemic, we were able to get in a pair of stunningly successful boat shows in the United States this past fall, which meant it was game-on! Better still, as was also evident in the latest class of Best Boat winners the pandemic didn’t stop the marine business from doing what it does best—innovate. Not surprisingly, things continue to race ahead in the area of digital tech. However, there remain those fun little analog advances to remind us there will also always be a place for good-old common sense. As always, we think SAIL’s late products editor Freeman K. Pittman, for whom these annual awards are named, would be impressed…

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