Be good to yourself – Sail Solo

Peter Becker, a leader in the USA for introducing young people to big boat sailing, is all in for the 2022 Bermuda Short-Handed Return, a post Newport Bermuda Race return to Newport for Single- and Double-Handed Boats. Here he explains:

I have been working on ways to challenge myself, to create a new mind-space that will allow me to grow and expand the boundaries that engulf us over time. Sailing is one of the places where I truly feel skilled, confident, and peaceful. Despite this heightened sense of confidence, I realized that I had a blind spot. For my entire sailing life, I have not engaged with short-handed sailing, especially solo sailing.

It is easy to have the utmost respect for solo and double-handed sailors, they do amazing feats such as sailing non-stop around the world in remarkable boats like IMOCA 60s and Ultim Trimarans. But sailing the 2021 Bermuda 1-2 race became my awakening and my challenge. The first leg to Bermuda is sailed single-handed followed by a double-handed return to Newport…

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