Best paddle board deals: Our pick of the Prime Day bargains

The Amazon Prime Day Early Access Sale starts today and we’ve picked out the best deals to help you bag a paddle board bargain…

Stand up paddle boards (SUPs) and particularly inflatable stand up paddle boards have been really growing in popularity. The sport has seen a real boom in recent years and interest has only continued to rise post-lockdown as more and more people get into the sport. There are loads of manufacturers out there with paddle board deals to choose from. We’ve selected some of the best Amazon Prime Day Early Access Sale deals to get you out on the water and paddling.

The choice between an inflatable or solid stand up paddle board can be tricky. Although the best paddle board for top-end surfing and racing is still generally of solid construction, inflatable paddle boards are justifiably more popular for most recreational uses. A good quality inflatable (i.e. well constructed and able to pump up to sufficiently high pressure) has minimal performance disadvantages, yet will be much more resistant to damage from the inevitable knocks and scrapes.

Reflecting this, most paddle board deals targeting the beginner are for the inflatable type as they are increasingly popular with those looking to get into the sport. If you are specifically after a solid board, you can head over to our list of the best paddle boards of 2022 to see which is right for you.

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Best US Amazon Prime Day paddle board deals

DAMA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
Those looking to take the plunge and start paddle boarding then no only will you need the stand up paddle board (SUP) itself, but you will also need the rest of the equipment to get out on the water. Increasingly these packages are a popular option. 
This one contains an inflatable paddle board, paddle, pump, bag (and extra drybag for your kit), and a variety of other accessories. It really is absolutely everything you might need to get out on the water!
Was: $369.99
Now: $249.99

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FunWater Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
This is a slightly cheaper kit and does not include as many accessories as the DAMA option above. But it does still include paddle board, paddle, pump and bag. 
It’s slightly longer and narrower than the DAMA, which will make it a little more tippy and a little less manoeuvrable, but the extra length and reduced width will mean it glides better.
Was: $209.99
Now: $167.99

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Abahub Carbon SUP Paddle
Often around Amazon Prime Day sales, much of what’s on offer are discounts on beginner paddle board kits (such as those above). But this year it’s good to see some high-end accessories being offered at discount too. 
This Abahub carbon paddle board paddle will make life easier at sea being much lighter than its metal or fibreglass equivalents, making each stroke less effort and thus allowing you to paddle for longer. Carbon doesn’t come cheap, but it is so still and so light that it really is the best choice for anyone serious about paddle boarding, particularly those looking to paddle long distances.
Was: $84.95
Now: $66.36

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Best UK Amazon Prime Day paddle board deals

Hurley Stand Up Paddle Board Kit
Hurley is a top-quality brand who started in the surfing world making excellent boards and apparel. In recent years they have moved into the paddle board world and their kit has not lost any of its top build quality.
This paddle board pack comes with paddle, pump, bag and leash so you can get out on the water straight away. The 10ft 6in board is a pretty standard size these day for the beginner paddler that does not want a board for a specific use. It might not be massively reduced in the sale, but at this price you’d be picking up a good-quality bit of kit for a bit of a steal.
Was: £499.00
Now: £423.99

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Bluefin SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
Bluefin consistently deliver good paddle board packages for beginners and this option is no exception. We’ve heard good feedback on their products, which may not be the cheapest but offer decent quality for the price paid.
This inflatable stand up paddle board comes with all the accessories you need to start your paddle boarding journey. The 10ft 8in ‘cruise’ version is the board on offer in this sale, which should offer a decent balance between portability out of the water and stability on the water for the novice paddler.
Was: £499.00
Now: £423.99

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Bluefin SUP Inflatable Tandem Stand Up Paddle Board
Another inflatable paddle board option from Bluefin that is currently in the Prime Day Early Access Sale is this longer board again from Bluefin. 
At 15ft this is being sold as a tandem option and though that should provide the volume to carry two people, I think it would also make a great touring option for the solo paddler who wants to go that bit further. Typically when looking at paddle boards, the longer the board is, the better it glides and so the less effort it takes to cover longer distances – of course this does come at the cost of some manoeuvrability.
Was: £799.00
Now: £527.49

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If none of these take your fancy there are plenty of other paddle board deals over at Amazon’s paddle board page.

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