Building on its storied history

Aspiring sailors that consider Olympic pursuits assess their skills and body type, and then select the equipment that best matches these variables. But for big body males, those options have been shrinking.

In the past half century, gone is the Soling (1972-2000), Tempest (1972-76), and Star (1932-40, 1952-72, 1980-2012). Change occurred for different reasons, with a movement by the International Olympic Committee to modernize format and equipment finding no event to fit the Finn (1952-2020).

Class organizations and suppliers thrive under Olympic status, with participation guaranteed and gear regularly updated. Following Tokyo 2020, the Finn Class is now grappling with their new paradigm, though much like the Star, which holds much history in the sport, the Finn may even thrive as they look forward…

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