Case study

Case Studies

You might wonder how a boater or other maritime participant can put to use the powerful features found on Ahoy Central. The following use studies can demonstrate. These are just a sampling as there are many more that are out there – some we haven’t even thought of. Because of technological advances, it is becoming easier to stay in touch with the shore while on the water. However, these services are not cheap, and still have some limitations. Ahoy Central does not replace the connectivity services, but merely enhances them by congregating many services scattered across the internet, tying them together in one place and sharing them with our members community. With this in mind, the following examples can give you road maps of what is possible.

Case #1 – Recreational trips of a few weeks duration in a regional setting

Services that can be used:

  • Business Directory (for marinas, fuel, supplies, restaurants, clubs, etc.)
  • Members Travel Track (for plotting a course of your trip, setting up the stops and layovers, obtaining rough distance and time, and be able for your family and friends to track your progress)
  • Members Chat (stay in contact with fellow boaters or with friends and family back home)
  • Forums (scan the forums to see if there are any issues that may impact your itinerary)
  • Weather (for the obvious benefit)
  • World Tides (if you are going to be traversing low water areas)
  • Marine Track (tracking other watercraft in your area, especially in congested shore and port areas)

Other services that may be beneficial; Reference Links, Earthquake Reports, Gallery, Radio Directory.

Case #2 – Scheduled Commercial Cruise

Carnival Breeze, St. Thomas

On a booked cruise, there will obviously not be a need for navigating or normal boating services. However, the following may be used:

  • Members Travel Track (your cruise itinerary can be created before you depart. During the trip you can update each stop with pictures, videos and comments)
  • Send your trip itinerary to family members so they can stay current with your travels (see demo below)
  • Marine Track helps you identify nearby ships

Case #3 – Liveaboard Sailing


The liveaboard lifestyle is those that treat their boat as their home and move about from port to port, or even stay moored at a single marina. The destinations may vary and usually some time is spent at each. For liveaboards, the same services that others use apply, but add the Reference Links, Radio Directory (so you can stay in touch with radio stations from your home ports), and the Library for casual reading.

Case #4 – Marine focused Business or Service


If you are a business or service that caters to those in the maritime arena, then consider the advantages of membership. You have these benefits:

  • One or more business listings
  • Unlimited classified ads
  • Need an employee? Post a job listing
  • Join a forum for industries or services
  • Enable Members Chat for connection with other mariners

All of your entries will be seen by motivated potential customers that know your industry

Case #5 – Race Teams and Other Competition


Ahoy Central is a great community for maritime race teams. Knowing your team is easily reachable and can share route maps is a great benefit. Having access to the additional environmental displays and reports is a bonus!

Case #6 – Circumnavigaters


Planning an around-the-world journey? Don’t leave home without Ahoy Central. Having a source of ports, marinas, moorings, fuel and other supplies is crucial. Keeping an eye on wind and weather is critical and having your fellow cruisers on a dedicated chat and forum platform helps you feel you are not alone.

These are just a few of the possible scenarios of the members community. There can be others, but we hope you get an idea. The clips below show a few features we have mentioned.


One of the most useful features of Ahoy Central is the Members Travel Tracking. Here a traveler can add starting point, waypoints, and endpoint of a planned trip. The track can be drawn, comments, photos, or videos may be added at any point. The following example shows a simple version:

A great feature of the Members Travel Track is the ability to share your trip maps with anyone. You merely send a link of the trip map to them and it will display the map. It only has to be sent once as it will be updated when you update your trip. For a demo of how this works click here.

For a more comprehensive explanation on how to use these features, please check the Website Tutorial here: