New Page Added

To better help first-time visitors get a feel for how Ahoy Central services may be used, a new page has been added. This page is called “Case Studies”. Here, it shows a number of different maritime scenarios and how Ahoy Central can be of assistance. This, along with the Website Tutorial can give a visitor a good feel of what’s behind the curtain, so to speak.

We are Live!

January 15, 2020

Ahoy everyone. It is our pleasure to announce the public access to our new website, Ahoy Central. The site has been in development for a number of months, with a lot of features being incorporated. We think the result is pretty nice and we hope you do too. Since Ahoy Central is a community-based service, much of the the future functionality and content will be member-driven. So, do you have a great bar or restaurant at a favorite port? A trusted marina or boat service business? Or even useful online links or products you have had a good experience with? Any suggestions on additional features you would like to see – let us know.

If you are a business serving the maritime industry, then this is a great place for you! For just a subscription of $19.50 yearly, you may have a nice business listing, access to unlimited classified ads, and the ability to chat with potential customers.

If you are a blue-water traveler and are gone for extended lengths of time without contact with the friends and family back home, then encouraging them to subscribe to the Friends & Family plan ($10 yearly), will allow them to keep in contact with you and see the progress of your travels. What a comfort to the both of you.

We launch with a large array of tools and services for mariners of all stripes. However, it will just get better from here on as we get the input from our traveling members, so keep your eyes open and check here often.


Ahoy Central