Cheating shall not become legal

Each one design class defines what it wants to be through its regulations. Some allow full freedom for development, while others have strict mandates on permitted equipment. But regardless of the restrictions, it is generally advised to prepare the boat to those limits.

The Snipe Class is somewhere in the middle, and like most classes, relies on its members to maintain the boundaries. In this report by Snipe sailor and rules expert Antonio Bari, he calls out a failure in this oversight:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to participate in the 2022 Snipe Master Europeans. A great event, very well organized and managed by the Real Club Nautico de Valencia and T10 Sailing, with more than 100 boats on the water and an exciting onshore program.

Forced to stay at home, I daily searched for results, images or videos, but while searching I also found something not exactly complying with our rules.

I am referring to the GPS tracks published on Strava by several participants (and, unpleasantly, by two of the top finishers) showing their race track on the course…

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