Crossing shipping lanes in the fog

Avoiding collision requires visibility which is hard in the fog, and once was a whole lot harder before pinpoint navigation tools. But what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and provides good stories… here’s one of them:

From Chuck Hawley:
When I was graduated from high school in 1973, my parents allowed me to take the family’s Herreshoff H-30 ketch from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara and back with four of my classmates as a graduation present. Sailing along the California coast in summer is an exercise in avoiding very strong NW winds in the afternoon when northbound, and navigating in dense fog, all while avoiding coastal shipping traffic. A perfect place for teenagers!

We made it down the coast, somehow, to Santa Barbara, and decided to head across to Santa Cruz Island on a particularly foggy day, cutting directly across the busy shipping lanes that connect Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor to the North Pacific…

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