Ditch Kit: Don’t Leave Home Without It!

The Storm Trysail Club is a private club dedicated to blue water sailing, and is open only to expert offshore sailors who have experienced storm conditions and are capable of commanding a sailing vessel in such conditions. The club actively supports events and education, and has shared the following report regarding Ditch Kits:

A recent email from a Safety at Sea Seminar participant asked if we have a Ditch Kit Checklist we recommended. This sparked a lively email discussion among the Storm Trysail Club members who volunteer as our Safety at Sea organizers.

Of note, World Sailing has their complete Offshore Regulations that details Grab Bags in 4.21 (page 20) but for a more plain English version, these are a few recommendations compiled by Rich du Moulin. We welcome your feedback, comments, or stories as well! So tells us in the comments below or email us at seamanship@stormtrysail.org.

This Ditch Kit is suitable for a 600-mile offshore race in a 40-foot boat and crew of eight in temperate waters where rescue is not remote (within 24 hours): Bermuda Race, for example. A Transatlantic Race in colder conditions might suggest survival suits in a second bag. A Galapagos-Marquesas voyage, remote from shipping lanes, would warrant food and water for minimum 5-days and perhaps some reading material…

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