Eight Bells: Al Chandler

Life-long sailor, international juror, and lifetime member of the Royal Varuna Yacht Club in Thailand, Albert T. Chandler, 86, has sailed off into his final sunset.

If he had one message to those he sailed beside or sat aside (or across from) on an international jury, it would be to make sure you make it to the 2023 ILCA Masters World Championships to be held in February at the Royal Varuna Yacht Club (RVYC) in Thailand. Seriously.

Al left on October 25, 2022, after a seven-week journey that ended peacefully in bed in the early morning hours as the sun rose over the Sierra Nevada Mountains in South Lake Tahoe, California. Only the day before he had been asking about the number of applications to the 2023 ILCA Masters. Seriously.

Born in Oakland, California, attending UC Berkeley for undergrad and then Harvard Law School before his profession would take him to Bangkok, Thailand. His childhood was spent in the Sierra Nevada Mountains so it was a fitting site for his final days.

His family wish to thank the international sailing community, and especially the Royal Varuna Yacht Club, for giving him such joy in his life. Despite a very busy schedule as a lawyer, he always made time for the sport and the friendships he found around the world through sailing. His contributions will outlive him in so many classes. – Read on

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