Eight Bells: Rich Roberts

Rich Roberts

Noted sports journalist Richard “Rich” Roberts passed away May 12, 2021 in San Pedro, CA. He was 88.

Born and raised in Wilmington, California on March 6, 1933 into a family of newspaper men, Rich quickly learned how to use a camera and how to spot a story while working for the local Press Journal after school and on weekends.

Rich was hired by the San Pedro News Pilot and, having played sports in high school, was always glad to cover the sports beat. He had an innovative writing style that grabbed people’s interest. In interviewing athletes, he wrote from their perspective.

He was given bigger and better assignments as he refined his journalistic skills, all the while carrying his camera just in case the newspaper’s cameraman didn’t get to the event on time. Little did he know how his unique photojournalistic skills would play out in later years…

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