English Channel VS. the iFLY

Already in summer 2019, a team on iFLY15 has successfully crossed the English Channel via the same route. This official World Sailing WSSRC council route is the longest distance to cross the English Channel, and it is very challenging due to the sea state and the tidal currents. Yo Wiebel and Tamara Baumann mastered on iFLY the long journey without encountering any issues, flying stable over built and choppy seas. What a proof of seaworthiness and reliability!

After starting the long day at 2:45am at Stokes Bay Sailing Club, they crossed the starting line at Royal Yacht Squadron (Isla of Wight) at 5:30am. Then crossing the English Channel to Saint Malo, passing by the Cherbourg peninsula and the Channel Islands Alderney and Jersey. During the crossing they made excellent average speeds that were easily fast enough to break the existing world record of 19h42min.

Solely a big calm on the last miles paralyzed the progress of our heroes and prevented them from setting a new best mark. They arrived in Saint Malo safely and happy late at night, determined to do it again. Now, in July 2021 it will happen.

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