Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my log in user name?

No, sorry. However, this name isn’t seen by anyone but you. You may change your Nickname or Display name however. This is done in the Profile Edit menu choice. Since the Display name is listed after the Nickname, you must first change your Nickname, update, and then you may make your Display name the same. The Display name is what is seen throughout the site.

Does Ahoy Central sell or use my email address I enter?

No. There are two uses for your email address; as an alternate way to log in if you forget your user name, and for our periodic notices and newsletter.

How do I become an AHoy Central member?

Ahoy Central is a subscription-based community. The membership is free but you must be registered to access all of the features. Registration is a simple process.

How do my friends find me on Ahoy Central?

All they need is to register to gain access to the Members directory. There they can find you if they know your Display name. If that isn’t known, then they may be able to find you by using the search on the directory as it searches all the fields in your profile. That is why it is important to add as many items as you can on your profile page.

How long do Notices stay on the Notices Board?

Notices stay up for 90 days and then will be deleted. This may change later.

How often do I have to renew my membership?

No renewal is necessary. However, if you do wish to delete your membership you may do so.

Why can I not access some menu choices?

If you are a visitor just a few of the features are accessible. By registering and becoming a member you have access to all.