Golden Globe: Top three to Cape Horn

(January 1, 2023) – Along the 2022-23 Golden Globe Race course are several mandatory media stops, with the leaders having fulfilled the requirement along the southern tip of Hobart, Australia. Entrants must sail over a line and pause for 90 minutes for interviews and to drop off film and letters.

Simon Curwen (GBR) rounded the southern tip of New Zealand today with Kirsten Neuschäfer (RSA) 300 miles astern. He was first at the Hobart Gate on December 24 at 12:06 local time (0106 UTC) on his Biscay 36, followed by Neuschäfer 29.5 hours later.

Neuschäfer, however, has a time compensation of 35 hours for the rescue of Tapio Lehtinen (FIN) in November. Her time compensation actually puts her on the lead by 5.5 hours at the Hobart Gate. Abhilash Tomy (IND) followed the leaders in third…

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