Greatest underdog story in sports

Launched in 2021, Netflix brings back the Untold series of sports documentaries in 2022 with four new stories to air:

August 16: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist
August 23: The Rise and Fall of And1
August 30: Operation Flagrant Foul
September 6: Race of the Century

The final show details the 1983 America’s Cup in which New York Yacht Club would finally lose its hold on a trophy which it had successfully defended over a period of 132 years.

Chapman Way, the 35-year-old who co-created the series with his 31-year-old brother Maclain, insists the victory by the Alan Bond-financed Australia II in the best-of-seven yacht race after being 3-1 down “truly is the greatest underdog story in the history of sports”.

It’s a big call, but Maclain backs it up. “It’s almost astounding how much of an advantage the New York Yacht Club had in this race,” he says. “Technologically, the winning streak, the funding, the money is mind-boggling, which is why they won for 132 years.”

John Bertrand, who skippered the Australian boat, was the main conduit through which they chose to tell the story of how “the longest winning streak in the history of sport” was brought to an end…

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