I am an addict – and proud of it

While a modern raceboat may do well to get you around the race course, its boats with style and pedigree that attract attention. However, owning these boats takes a certain type of addiction as shared in the June 2020 Harken newsletter by Andy Ash-Vie, Harken UK Managing Director (RET):

My name is Andy Ash-Vie, and I am a 6 Meter addict. Lord knows I have tried to wean myself off; I went cold turkey for a few years, selling my 1989 Howlett-designed Wildcat II. Unfortunately, I fell off the wagon when I was offered the 1975 6 Meter, St. Francis VI, designed by Gary Mull and built by Bill Lee.

She had been languishing, unloved, in a barn for the last 20 years, and the urge struck. I know, I know, I was beguiled by the extremely low price and thought just a little one wouldn’t do any harm. She looked so sweet and harmless with a nice little bustle and a beautiful derriere. Oh boy, how wrong I was! Hooked again…

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