in an uncomfortable trimaran

The Royal Western Yacht Club Round Britain and Ireland race started in 1966 and was reportedly described by Robin Knox Johnston who has won it twice as one of the hardest races in Northern Europe. The race takes place every 4 years and now has 3 48 hr stopovers. Galway in Ireland, Lerwick in Shetland and Blyth in North East England.  This year for the first time the race allowed both 2-handed and 4-handed entries, previously only 2-handed entries were permitted.

We entered Morpheus, a 39’ carbon trimaran designed by John and Orion Shuttleworth and launched in 2018. The boat was designed to compete in the Round Britain race but missed entry to the 2018 race by a whisker. We entered in the fully crewed (4-handed) category. Our main competitors were Hissy Fit the Dazcat 1495 50’ catamaran sailed faultlessly by Simon Baker and Dan Fellows and Pegasus the swing keel Open 50 sailed by Ross Hobson, Adrian Banks, and Chris Briggs. There were also a number of smaller multis and monos in this year’s race

On this race, the whole of the British Isles was covered by an area of high pressure which made for challenging conditions. 90% of the race was upwind and pockmarked with wind holes for 3 out of the 4 legs…

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