IRC aims to be simple and economical

This year’s international IRC Congress was held in Malta ahead of the 2022 Rolex Middle Sea Race which started October 22… here is their report:

The meeting was chaired by Michael Boyd, also Chairman of the IRC Board, and representatives of several countries were present along with the IRC teams from the UK and France, while others around the world participated by video conference, including some new national representatives who will further strengthen IRC.

Participation is always enthusiastic, but showing particular dedication to IRC owners and the sport, the Australian Sailing Ratings Manager dialed in from an Xp44 racing in the inaugural Tollgate Islands Race, a 258nm IRC race going south from Sydney to Batemans Bays and back.

Most IRC Congress members are sailors themselves so have direct experience on the water as well as talking to boat owners; that helps shape the proposals and decisions they make in the meeting room: IRC is truly a rule made by sailors for sailors…

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