A quite proper “cruising” version of the J/145, this boat looks the part to be the kind of performance cruiser that serious sailors would prefer, but does it have enough rudders and freeboard and roll bars and volume and big wide ass (to create a garage, don’t ya know) and other assorted oddities that tend to populate most of the competition in that size range?  Well, you either want a great sailing boat or you don’t.

The new J/45 has been undergoing sailing trials off Brittany Coast.

The new J/45 offshore cruiser offers freedom, comfort, and performance without compromise. She offers both unparalleled comfort (modern and bright interior, high-end upholstery and finishes) and large interior volumes (very large storage capacities and enormous volume in the living spaces). Remarkably, that comfort and space is achieved while reducing the wetted surface and being the lowest weight in its class…

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