to Ahoy Central!


Ahoy Central is an incredible set of consolidated tools for mariners and other global travelers. For example –

If you are a:

  • Recreational blue-water sailor

  • A live-aboard boater

  • A merchant-marine employee

  • An off-shore worker

  • A business such as a marina, boat maintenance or other boat service

  • Port services and other entities servicing ocean travelers

  • Sailing enthusiasts

  • Friends and family of world travelers,

Ahoy Central provides features and services that can enhance your convenience, safety, and reduce your expenses while traveling on water – whether regionally or globally.

How do we do this?

By creating a powerful site that is focused on the things that are most important to marine travelers. Some of these are:

  • A members-based community that has a directory and instant messaging, with message post and store

  • Marine and travel based forums

  • Businesses directory of marine-based establishments

  • Members only classified ads

  • Nautical Job Postings

  • Important reference links

  • Live News Feeds for Mariners

  • Weather, tides, earthquakes, and radio propagation pages

  • Members photo gallery

  • A free library of reading material – references and fiction

  • A powerful trip tracking log feature

And all it takes to access these features is an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or even smartphone.

You don’t have to go dark or off-grid when you are traveling. Your contacts back home can communicate with you via chat, and track your whereabouts.

Think how comforting that can be for them – and for you!

Our Operational Model

You may have already noticed that there are no advertisements assaulting you. That is because we have elected to build a platform that is not supported by ad-driven revenue. Ads can slow down a website, use valuable space better spent for useful features, compromise design functionality, and increase operational maintenance.

Ahoy Central’s clean design with all space being filled with great mariner features is easy to navigate and use. And, the sand and sea theme reminds us of our very special users focus!

Yet, nothing is free, whether it’s electricity, hosting services, software costs, and…well these have to be paid. 

How do we do this? We have elected to cover our costs by offering our members premium products that are desirable for a sailor’s needs. By purchasing your needed parts, tools and supplies from our product pages, you will not be paying any more than elsewhere, but we receive a small sales commission, which in turn, pays the light bills.

In summary, our membership is free, but we encourage you to register so as to access the many valuable services you see from our menu. Registration takes just a few moments and there is no obligation and payment needed.

Finally, we encourage you to regularly browse our product catalog as we attempt to only list best-of-class products and services.