much ado about andoo

The fog of uncertainty around the fate of the supermaxi formerly known as Comanche is clearing – somewhat.

This much we know: the 100-footer has been chartered, with an option to buy, from “someone in Singapore” by Sydney businessman John ‘Herman’ Winning. (He is known by that nickname to differentiate from his father, also named John Winning, who is also a dedicated racing sailor.)

The fact that no one seems able, as yet, to confirm the identity of the Singaporean owner is a trifle mysterious. It certainly would appear to be a convenient arrangement in relation to the recent ban by World Sailing on any boat with Russian connections. But maybe that’s just a coincidence.

Phone camera snaps from the Caribbean indicate that the boat’s name has already been changed from Comanche to Andoo. Andoo? Well, Andoo is the name of the Down Under business founded and run by ‘Herman’ Winning. It advertises itself as “The home of feel-good living” and sells furniture, homewares and appliances. He also races an 18-foot skiff under that name…

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