Ocean Race: Unstoppable

(March 2, 2023; Day 5) – In this edition of The Ocean Race, Kevin Escoffier’s Team Holcim-PRB has selected Sia’s “Unstoppable” as its team song for dockout and stage ceremonies, and early into leg 3 it has never seemed more appropriate. Few would have thought the Roaring 40s would turn into such a paper tiger just days into leg 3 of The Ocean Race. But that’s the case for all but the leader, Team Holcim-PRB.

After winning legs 1 and 2 of The Ocean Race, the Holcim-PRB crew have now built a solid lead just four days into the leg, escaping with a low pressure, high wind system that has left the rest of the fleet behind.

As at 1500 UTC today, Team Holcim-PRB has an approximately 300 nautical mile lead over 11th Hour Racing Team, and it is growing hour by hour with Escoffier and his crew sailing up to 10 knots more quickly than the pursuing boats. But it hasn’t been easy. – Full report

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