One of the coolest near disasters ever

When Scuttlebutt shared a video that looked back on the 1974 America’s Cup, it rekindled a memory during that summer for Moose McClintock which would have melted the internet today. But with no social media yet invented, we let Moose tell the story:

As a born and bred Newport native, I was lucky to watch almost every 12 Meter America’s Cup (a little young for the 1958 match but was on the water for all the others), but the most spectacular 12 Meter moment I witnessed was actually at the old Derecktor yard in Mamaroneck, NY.

I was in town waiting to get picked up for a 505 regatta and staying with my college team mate, Ken Legler. We went down to Derecktors to check out the boats being dropped in the water for the Block Island Race, which was taking place that afternoon…

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