Positive progress for US SailGP Team

After five events, the United States SailGP Team helmsman Jimmy Spithill believes the fortunes of his crew are on the rise after the latest event in France. With the circuit moving to Spain in less than three weeks, Spithill offers his assessment in this report:

As we rounded the top mark in the final race at France Sail Grand Prix, we knew that this would be the make or break moment of our regatta.

The battle between ourselves and Japan SailGP Team was neck and neck, and the win would come down to whoever chose the fastest side of the course by the time we got back down to the bottom.

When you’re in those high-pressure situations, with the adrenaline pumping, it’s a big call to split from your rivals – but it’s about risk versus reward. You have to be decisive and trust your gut.

In Saint-Tropez, it wasn’t our day. Credit to Japan, they deserved to take home the win. In light conditions, they have an edge on the rest of the SailGP fleet and we’re working hard to close that gap.

We’re here to win every single race – and when we don’t, you can see the disappointment in the faces onboard. I like to see that, it shows we’ve got the right mentality.

But when you look at the big picture, this was a great event for us. To finish second – and come through an event clean, with no broken bones or damage, for the first time this season – shows that things are beginning to turn for this team.

Despite all the adversity we’ve had thrown at us this season, we’ve never stopped fighting. We’re now in second place overall, and, man, we’re in with a real shot at the million bucks.

In SailGP, it all comes down to that final race in San Francisco. It’s the only one that matters and we need to push ourselves constantly in preparation for that moment…

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