Links to Important References

Here are links to useful standards and services that can be helpful to mariners

We periodically add ones that we believe are useful to mariners, but any member having an online source of information that you think may benefit other boaters, please feel free to email us the link at and we will gladly add it to the list. Ahoy Central is a community of members helping members.

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Organization, Service, or ItemOnline Source

Radio Frequencies Propagation

Radio Frequency References


Merchant Mariner Medical Manual

OT Medical Examiner

Navigation Center Rules

An overview of wiring standards for boats in the US

The Council of American Master Mariners, Inc.


Merchant Mariner Schools

Coast Guard Maritime Commons

International Maritime Organization

National Hurricane Center Safety

National Weather Service (US)

BBC Weather

NOAA Weather (US)

World Temperatures — Weather Around The World

Earth: a global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions World Weather

Passage Weather (Mariners)

Global Sailing Weather

Sailing Weather Online


Predict Wind (Forecasting)

Wind Finder

Sailing Safety

US Coast Guard Boating Safety

US Sailing-Safety Courses

Boating Safety Resources

American Boating Association-Safety

Maritime Archeology-Glossary

US Sailing Organization

Racing Rules of Sailing

Royal Yachting Association

Salty Dogs Sailing Organization

Sailing World Championships Results

Amatuer Radion Resources -S-Meter

Directory of Marinas

Celestial Navigation Course

Sailboat Data>