Russell Coutts is mad as hell

Opinion is influenced by environment, which hasn’t helped the world get their hands around the coronavirus pandemic. Every approach is different, and odds are half the people disagree with the regulations they face. It’s that kind of world these days.

For Russell Coutts, whose launch of his SailGP global sports league has been navigating COVID-19, he has grown tired of the inequity.

After forced to cancel his 2020 season, he’d been tiptoeing in 2021 through Bermuda and Europe before his New Zealand event, planned for January 2022, was canceled in August 2021 due to government hurdles.

Coutts, in his best Howard Beale of “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” impersonation, offers this commentary:

After experiencing what it’s like in Europe since May, it appears there are a lot of things being mis-reported in New Zealand. The media here seems set on promoting fear. It would be interesting to send a truly independent news crew offshore to report on what it’s really like in a more balanced way….I suspect most kiwi’s would be incredibly surprised…

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