SailGP: Nowhere to hide

SailGP presenter Lisa Darmanin dissects Sydney’s fast and furious racing action, from France’s flawless performance to Diego Botin’s baptism of fire as Spain’s new driver.

Sydney was probably the most exciting racing we’ve had in SailGP so far. There were so many overtakes, crosses and close mark roundings – it was just action packed. More teams are becoming more competitive and that means that mistakes are being punished harder. Teams are getting more aggressive around the race track and are prepared to push each other around at marks.

Everyone is putting the throttle down and fighting for every point. Despite France winning every race, you didn’t know who was going to win until the end of each race and, as a sports fan, that’s exactly what you want. It really was anyone’s game.

I was surprised by how much the French dominated. Coming off the back of a bad event in Singapore (where France finished eighth), you might have expected their confidence to be knocked. But they came out in some of the most challenging conditions of the season and just dominated…

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