Severe weather warning for Mini Transat

(October 1, 2021; Day 5) – Though the top four boats in the Mini Transat EuroChef are lapping up perfect conditions to rack up the miles at high speed offshore of Portugal, the reverse is true in the Bay of Biscay and offshore of Cape Finisterre, where conditions today remain sluggish and shifty.

However, a drastic change of pace is announced from tomorrow, with the forecast turning especially violent from the night hours through into the following day due to a serious deterioration in the weather. In fact, Dantean conditions are expected in these zones, with gusts of 50 knots on difficult seas.

Race Management has transmitted a severe weather warning to all the competitors together with the advice to demonstrate good seamanship and consider seeking shelter. Since receiving the message, a large number of the competitors have seen reason and opted to put their race on hold to guarantee their safety and that of their boat.

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