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Well, one thing’s for sure. After today’s racing we already have a winner –  the betting industry. All those bets of 7-0; 7-1 and 7-2 are now safely in the pockets of the bookmakers. The whitewash of the loser only getting a compensating win or two on the Hauraki Gulf is behind us after just 3 days of racing.

And of course, it was the weekend AND of course COVID threat level was down to Level 1 so the crowds were out in force, at the dock out, at the race village and of course the flotilla of spectator craft had grown even further with hundreds (perhaps thousands) of craft of all shapes and sizes carrying even more thousands of enthusiastic AC fans and or people out for a fun day on the water.

In fact the first race was delayed slightly as a couple of the spectator boats had strayed on to the race course.

Hauraki means ‘North Wind’ in Maori and that’s the main direction we got today although not a great deal of it, definitely conditions that suited Luna Rossa’s configuration…

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