The Dutch Bridge Too Small (and Too Far) for Jeff Bezos Will Not Be Dismantled

A bridge at the center of controversy in the maritime capital of Europe — which has become a structure symbolizing the excesses of wealth — will not be temporarily dismantled to make way for Jeff Bezos’ new superyacht.

In February, Oceanco, the Dutch boatbuilder of Bezos’ beast, lobbied the city of Rotterdam, Holland, to temporarily deconstruct the middle section of the 95-year-old, decommissioned, national-heritage-landmark Koningshaven railway bridge, also known as “De ‘Hef,” to accommodate the passage of Y721, which, at 417-ft, would be one of the largest sailing yachts in the world. The New York Times said that the necessary work on the bridge would take about two days total, according to a spokesman for the city of Rotterdam.

Recently, Rotterdam city officials said that Oceanco had “informed the municipality that it is cancelling its current logistical plans,” according to the Independent, which said that employees at Oceanco “feel threatened, and the company fears it will be vandalized.”

After the proposal to dismantle De Hef became public, an event was organized to throw eggs at Y721 when it transited Rotterdam’s canals…

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