the plot thickens

I did suggest in my previous piece that Grant Dalton may have a few aces up his sleeve. The copy of the recent email from Hamish Ross to NYYC is perhaps one of them.

On the one hand, these pair try to give the impression they are helping while at the same using back channels to muddy the waters and make funding AC37 even more difficult.

Ross, and also Dunphy (by the very fact that he was copied in on the email) clearly need to be somewhat better at their research before casting aspersions on the Royal Yacht Squadron Racing Limited as being an invalid challenger for the America’s Cup.

Let’s look at some FACTS surrounding that for a moment. The RYSRL needs to be “incorporated”. Well, they have been since 2014, a brief, and simple, check with “Companies House” in London confirms that they indeed are except they are not…

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