Tokyo 2020: Can’t look, Can’t look away

Tracking the build-up to the Tokyo Olympics has been a “can’t look, can’t look away” series of incidents. Perhaps the only positive was when the sailing venue was moved out of Tokyo Bay, which now reports to have a high level of pollution. At least it wasn’t a repeat of Rio 2016.

But since then it has been about the deadly heat, deadly tsunamis, and now deadly virus. Understandably fatigued, the locals are over it, with more than 80% of people in Japan recently surveyed saying the Olympics should be canceled or postponed. Good times!

The International Olympic Committee, Japanese Government, and the local Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee have been doing all they can to stay positive and on message. After the one year postponement, there is nothing now that will stop the Games being held, they say. Unfortunately, that’s not all they say…

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