Tokyo 2020: Making sense of chaos

Enoshima, Japan (July 26, 2021) – There was more wind than expected for the second day of racing at the Olympic Sailing Competition which was just as well as the lumpy, confused wave pattern made it hard to get into the groove. When the Pacific swell hits the shoreline of Enoshima and the concrete harbor walls, it reverberates back out to sea, turning the field of play into something akin to a washing machine.

Finding a rhythm through the water is difficult, made all the harder by the breeze shifting first one way, then the other, without much discernible pattern. Many suffered, but a few managed to make sense of nature’s chaos. The Laser, Laser Radial and the Men’s and Women’s RS:X all took to the water in a 10-15 knot easterly breeze and successfully completed their scheduled races…

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