Vandemoer provides his side of the story

by Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt Sailing News
When the college admissions scandal hit the headlines in March 2019, and the Stanford sailing program was implicated in the plot, I desperately wanted this not to be a Scuttlebutt story. However, when every major news outlet led with the involvement of sailing coach John Vandemoer, it became unavoidable.

This massive bribery scheme to get students admitted to elite universities as recruited athletes hit a public nerve as a step too far. While it is easy to judge when you don’t have the wealth to do the same, the irony is how the culture of parenting has been tilting the scale for some time.

Doing more is what parents now do to give their children an advantage. While some parents are strategic about it, others get swept up in this shifting landscape, but either way kids are entering the world more coddled than ever…

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