Quick Help!

Here are some quick helps and tips for smooth operation:

  • Ahoy Central is a members-based website. The membership allows access to the features and pages of the site. If you get a message saying you do not have access to a particular feature, don’t think there is a problem – simply register – it’s free!
  • The menu system has drop-downs on the sections that offer several other choices. Click on the drop-down choice to select the desired feature.
  • We try hard to offer help for all of the features requiring or using operator input. The website tutorial is the most comprehensive educational source, so don’t overlook this.
  • If you visit the website as a guest, there are a few features accessible. You will quickly see these. If you choose to register you will have access to all of the services.
  • ¬†We use your display name that you select at the time of registration for your site identity. For security purposes your login user ID is not shown. Although the display name may be changed under your profile edit, if you have become known to other members by that name, you might seem to disappear – so choose your display name with a handle that you will want to keep.
  • When filling out your profile, add as much information as possible – this better defines you as a member and is very helpful for your companions, customers, providers and others to find common interests with you.
  • While the website has been built to work with almost all types of devices with browsers, be aware that the best experience is obtained with larger screens. A satisfactory operation is present though, with even small tablets – a 5″x 7″ screen is fine.
  • On this subject, be also aware that with smaller screen sizes the website look may change slightly, especially the menu display. If you do not see the normal menu choices lined up along the top of the page, then look for the common stacked bar menu button – it will open a menu with the same choices but in a vertical bar. Also on some smaller tablets and phones, turning the orientation from landscape to portrait will switch the menu – so be alert to that.

If you run across any anomalies that we haven’t found, we would appreciate hearing about them. Just email us at admin@ahoycentral.com and we will address it as quickly as possible.

For more detailed help, especially with the features requiring user input, scan through the Website Tutorial here:

Website Version: 2.0