where ya been?

We were wondering about Alex Thomson the other day, so we fired off some questions, and here are his answers.

SA: Where the hell have you been?

AT: Making plans for what we do next!

SA: Will there be another Vendee effort?

AT: Yes there will for me and my team, although I won’t be the skipper, we plan to do the 2024 race which leaves the door open for me in 2028. For 2024 we will go again, but with a new skipper and right now we are actively looking for partners.  Our goal remains the same- to win the Vendee Globe.

SA: What are your future, if any, sailing plans?

AT: I don’t have any plans at the moment, we are focusing on raising the money and finding the right skipper to be competitive in 2024,  but I am certainly not giving up sailing and…

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