The ocean is a big place...
You may feel alone...
Don't... Ahoy Central can help!

Why Ahoy Central?

Ahoy Central is the hub for a Mariner’s needs, whether a professional boater, vacation sailor, circumnavigator, or liveaboard.

Here are just a few of the sailing benefits found from a single source – Ahoy Central.


Sailors have a natural need to be a part of a sailing community. Having easy communication and experience sharing is a huge benefit.

Navigation Aids

Knowing where you are and where everyone else is, is the first step to ocean safety.

Environmental Information

Being able to see the elements, from wind, to weather patterns and sea conditions is critical to successful ocean travels.

Trip Tracking and Sharing

One of the most powerful features of Ahoy Central is the trip planning, logging, and sharing feature - check this one out!

Mariner Forums

Problem solving and useful information can be obtained by the members online forums.

Features for Enjoyable Travel

Notice board, references, library, 30,000+ station radio directory, business listings, job listings, classifieds, products list.

From the Open Sea to a Serene Marina

Ahoy Central Helps You Have a Safe Trip

Don’t leave sea travel to chance, take a look at the assistance Ahoy Central can provide!

What Do Mariners Need Most?

One of the most required things when traveling by sea is information and communication – information about a sometimes unforgiving environment, and information and communication to assist in normal needs; food, water, fuel, and repairs and service. These needs can go a long way to creating a safer and more enjoyable trip.

What is the Mariner Community?

Sailors, deckhands, port personnel, boat maintenance businesses, fuel depots, marinas, and port personnel make up a large ecosystem that is a special community. That community is marked by the characteristics of friendliness, helpfulness and going beyond normal to assist other sailors in need.

How Can Ahoy Central Help?

We serve as a hub, so to speak, that helps mariners accomplish and benefit from the community model. We provide the community through a membership system, communication between members, marine aids for convenience and safety, and a host of helpful services.

Visitors! Our product and services directory is open to the public. Here you can find selected quality offerings that sailors and all mariners can use! 

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